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I am a girly girl.  I grew up watching all the great actresses dance, sing, and bat their eyelashes.  Movies like My Fair Lady, Top Hat, An American in Paris, Gigi, Sabrina {the original}, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s were some of my favourites.  Dress swirling, hair done perfectly, gorgeous shoes, and a handsome gentleman in a top hat and tails to twirl me around was my fantasy of the fairytale life.  

I like being with my family best of all.  Making, baking, decorating, or simply doing things for them: I love it all.  Playing Barbies and fairies with my daughter, teaching my son how to play Solitaire, or watching movies with my hubby... fun times!  Plus I really like making "honey do" lists.  It is possible that I am extra gifted in creating those!  :)

I think the best decades of fashion are the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Every time I go to an antique store, I always check for furs or jewelry, particularly from those eras.  I can’t decide between pearls {Audrey} and diamonds {Marilyn}.  I collect jewelry, and I wish more of it was real. 

I remember going into my mother’s closet when I was little and pulling out two pairs of strappy metallic stilettos and thinking that they were the most fabulous shoes ever.  I thought that I could do anything if I had shoes like those.  {It is possible that I tromped around in those shoes more than she wore them.}  I want my daughter to be able to go into my closet and have the same feeling.  I believe in legacies and traditions.  The things that create the essence of who we are and that make us belong are the very things we must cling to.  God.  My hubby, my sweet babies.  Dark chocolate.  Memories of favourite places and people.  And shoes, of course.  Oh, don’t forget great food!


Anonymous said...

I saw your comment about weeds and no noxious chemicals permitted in your town. I read recently (and have not yet tried it myself) that if you put vinegar on the weeds it will kill them....but apparently you have to be careful not to hit any other foliage as it will do them in as well. good luck.

Catherine Watt said...

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