Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Swimming Time!

My kids are almost through with their swimming lessons, and we have been able to swim at my parents' house as well.  We all just love the water!  Well, possibly with the exception of my hubby.  He is learning to enjoy it, but he tends to view the pool as a big petri dish.  I understand that about public pools (no one likes pee in the pool!), but I feel like backyard pools are different especially if they are well-tended.  There is nothing like sparkling blue water full of your family's smiling faces!

We are planning a lake trip this summer, but we don't do too much swimming there.  The water is just too chilly to go out too deep.  However, one of the fun things we enjoy is going out on a boat and that means life jackets.  I love the safety but definitely think the look could be vastly improved!  Drum roll, please...

Check out these adorable life jackets I found on Gilt today.  I love the fin on the back; it is so precious!!  I could just see my kids wearing these in the boat and even while they are playing in the shallow beach area!  Too cute.  Here are my favourites:

SwimWays Angel Fish Life Jacket 
yellow angel fish

SwimWays Clown Fish Life Jacket 

SwimWays Pink Dolphin Life Jacket 
pink dolphin

SwimWays Orca Life Jacket 
(this would be my son's choice)

Don't these almost make you wish they came in adult sizes??  Swoon!  :)  Let me know if you purchase one of these sweet life jackets!  Unfortunately, my online shopping is currently on hold.  Darn eBay addiction...  {wink, wink}

If you need an invite for Gilt, click here!

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