Sunday, March 27, 2011

Figuring Out the Bed Situation

AKA The Nursery to Big Girl Room Transformation

While I am busy collecting images, dreaming of gathered silk and endless strands of pearls, and wishing I had about $10K to do this bedroom (hello, vintage Chanel necklaces framed in shadowboxes would be more than lovely!!), I have one little thing in the back of my head... a bed.  We are going to need a bed.  Since our sweet little girl is potty-training (YAY!), she will need to be able to get in and out of bed.  Taking a flying leap over the crib side rails is not an option here. Haha :)

Her room is the smallest bedroom in the house at about 10' x 11' which rules out anything larger than a standard twin.  (I was in a double bed by age 3 and a queen bed at 12, so I am not used to smaller beds.  Here's to hoping she doesn't fall out!!  Fingers crossed!)  I suppose if there were no other furniture in the room, a larger bed might work, but we want some statement furniture pieces as well.

Here are my top two ideas (and yes, they are at opposite ends of the design spectrum) and my pro/con list for each.  (Slight Rory Gilmore reference there, lol!)

Okay, so I love the idea of a trundle bed.  And I love the look of daybeds too.  I found this super gorgeous one at Posh Tots, my favourite eye candy mini-me site. 

pic from Posh Tots

Light pink/gold option
Trundle Daybed
Only one side to fall out
Love the intricate detail and vintage flair
Looks expensive
Would go with existing paint job, which is NOT CHANGING!!!
Fit for a princess

$8,200 price tag
Too many roses (they remind me of the Princess Bride)
Not enough glam (Swarovski rhinestones are extra!)
Too shabby-chic for me
Fit for a princess, but maybe not a Chanel princess

Here is a similar option at $5,700.  
I think I may like it a bit more than the one above, 
but I am not quite decided on that.


Again, how much do I love Posh Tots?  My second idea is a more modern take, with padded upholstery, nail head details, and luxe suede found here (ignore the fact that it is blue!):
pic from Posh Tots 

Here is a close up in black faux leather (again, ignore the black):

pic from Posh Tots

Sleek and modern
Could be pushed against a wall or left out
Double as a modern chaise/couch in the future
Nail heads!!!!
Upholstered, so no tears over bumped heads
Did I mention nail heads!!!!
Image this in a classic black/white boucle tweed!

No trundle (although adding one would be okay)
Maybe too boyish?
Can we inject enough glam into it?
$3,120-$3,365 (faux leather - suede, respectively)
Girly-girl factor is lacking

So lots of things to think about...  I should mention that I am not trying to recreate a whole "31 Rue Cambon" style.  Gild, lions, etc., is not what I am going for.  I am aiming to pull together a very cohesive look using blush, ivory, white, black, and soft golds (with possibly some silver/steel thrown in as well), and of course, utilizing the logo.

Cross your fingers for me!  I am working on an idea board for this room, and hope to finish it this week.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Those beds certainly look impressive, but I think the most important consideration is whether or not it's aligned with your daughter's comfort in mind. Another important thing to consider is the mattress for the bed, and not just the bed itself. You can put more Swarovski stones on your bed to your heart's content, but if it's not comfortable to sleep in, it's just a waste. Most people don't give much consideration on how comfortable and durable their mattress would be for them over time.

The Bedding Mart

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