Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Custom Edible Monogram

We were on our way to a birthday party, and I had just made a pan of Rice Krispie squares.  The gift was wrapped and needed some oomph!  So I cut a letter out of the fresh goody goodness, wrapped in plastic, and attached it to the gift!  I loved it and so did the lucky little girl who received it!!

Step 1: Wrap your gift and tie the ribbons securely.  Select the two longest for securing the letter.


Step 2: Wrap the letter in plastic wrap and attach to gift using the two longest ribbons.  Tie excess length into a bow. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Paper Easter Eggs Craft

Here is a free and fun Easter craft that you can make with things you probably already have in your house!  It's easy enough for toddlers to do, although they will need assistance with cutting and gluing.

Bowl (or something similar for tracing)


1. Trace your bowl with a pen to make your outline.  I used the plastic Ikea kids' bowls because they are oval shaped.

2. Colour.


3. Cut shapes out and add glue/glitter if using.  Let dry.

4. Hang them up!  I used stick tack to hang them on a mirror, but you could use tape or hang from string or ribbons.  Voila!  Handmade Easter eggs!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Comes First: the Apple or the Tree?

I found something super awesome the other day.  I was slicing up an apple and I found some of the seeds broken open and growing roots!  Isn't that crazy?  Sprouting seeds in my apple!  I have never, ever, ever seen that before.  The ones in the picture below are the ones I kept, and the kids are having fun checking the "seed status" every morning.  I am hoping we will be able to plant these once they get a little bit bigger.  I have never had any kind of fruit tree before, so this should be interesting!  Ha!

Arrow #1  The seed on the right that is breaking through the brown casing reminded me of a tulip bulb (dark and papery on the outside, smooth and white on the inside).

Arrow #2  This seed has turned green inside (I think it goes from white to green) and has the beginning of a tiny sprout bump by the arrow tip.

Arrow #3  This seed has completely shed its skin, is fully green, and has split in half from bottom to top.  The two halves are connected at the base where the root is growing.

Arrow #4  These two seeds are still in the apple as their roots are very long and intertwined.  I didn't want to try to separate the roots from the apple core and risk breaking them.  You can see how the roots are all coiled up together.  (I have since been able to remove them from the apple.)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sleepy Oil Recipe

I designed a logo for a friend last year and got a sweet thank you in the form of a gift certificate for a local spa.  After treating myself and my sister to pedis, I spent the rest of the gift certificate on essential oils.  I think I purchased about 12 or 15 different oils.  I just love essential oils and mixing up little lovelies with them.  Last night I made a calming oil blend that I applied all over, and it helped me drift right off to sleep. :)  Always make sure you avoid your eyes when applying.  Don't ingest this oil blend - for external use only!!

1/3 cup oil* (I used grapeseed)
5 drops vanilla essential oil
5-7 drops lavender essential oil

Pour oil into a clean plastic or glass container.  Make sure your container has a lid!  Add essential oil 1 drop at a time, vanilla first and then 5 drops of lavender.  Shake well (put the lid on first!!) and sniff.  Add more lavender, 1 drop at a time, shaking and smelling as you go.  Apply!

This would make a great gift!  To make a coordinating body scrub, simply add 3-4 TBSP of brown sugar to the recipe above and store in a wide-mouthed plastic container with lid.

*I use whatever oil I have on hand.  I always have olive oil and almost always have grapeseed oil.  I would not recommend using canola oil or similar oils.  I have also used sweet almond oil, which is lovely.  My favourite right now is grapeseed for a couple of reasons: (1) my skin likes it, (2) doesn't smell too oily, (3) absorbs quickly, and (4) it's not too greasy.

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