Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Vertical Gardening

I know it is barely January, but I am already thinking about my garden and how I can add some wow factor to it.  Our lot is postage stamp sized, so not too much can happen.  

Last year at my favourite garden centre, there was an amazing display wall with vertical plantings of succulents.  I fell head over heels!  So gorgeous and such a statement!  My hubby does not know it yet, but we will be having some sort of vertical garden happening this summer, ha ha!  Get out those power tools, baby!!

Here are a couple of vertical gardens I have been checking out lately:

I think this is called a cucumber teepee.  I grew two cucumber plants this past year and used one of those round tomato cage things (can you tell I am new at this?) and thy grew like crazy all over the place.  I like this idea for veggies that like to climb.  Plus it looks like it would be simple to harvest it all as well.  I don't have the space for a teepee this size, but still, this idea is definitely a keeper.
Photo from Veggie Gardener.

This is another great idea for veggies.  Last year, in addition to cucumbers, I also planted cherry tomatoes, red peppers, and black tomatoes.  I was so excited to try the black tomatoes but, even though 9 or 10 lovely tomatoes grew, I only got to try... zero.  Yep, none of them made it into the house thanks to a little animal family.  Not sure if it was a mouse or rabbit family but, nonetheless, I got none.  The cherry tomatoes grew really well, so well that they knocked over their tomato cages several times.  And the red peppers were okay even though they were completely crowded out by the cucumbers.  This garden looks like a great solution though.  I just love that the veggies aren't on the ground for lil critters.  I am not being stingy here, but geez, my garden is supposed to actually help feed our family and not just exist solely as a critter buffet!  Ha ha!  Plus, the veggies are so easy to see, which would be helpful when I ask the kids to go pick the veggies!
Garden photo from Gardening with Kids.

I. love. this!  It is housed in a restaurant in Palo Alto, but can you imagine a small version for home?  Love the black, love the chalk writing, love the amazing amount of herbs, love it all!!
Photo found at Food Gal.

Love this!  And it's even in the kitchen!  It looks like it's up against the side of the fridge perhaps.  How wonderful to grab fresh herbs daily, and I would expect that the scent would be heavenly!  Plus the pop of green is just a bonus.  
Found at Design Squish here.

How cute is this one?  I love the vintage vibe from the old window.  The plants peeking out can have such variety - I think there are actually some strawberries on the left side in the first or second vertical panel.  I could see this up against my fence near my lavender plants!
Photo found at Restored Style.

I saved this one for last!  It is just breathtaking.  Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing this every day!  J'adore!
From NY Times.

Check out some other vertical garden photos pinned to my Gardens board on Pinterest.  Now I am off to dream of green!

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