Thursday, January 20, 2011


Remember to always put the camera away, or this is what happens!  LOL

Saturday, January 15, 2011

DIY Easy Large-Scale Artwork

Our son wanted a Lightning McQueen room a couple of years ago when the movie was still fairly new.  Our budget for the bedroom was fairly limited, and I was fairly choosy about what would go in the room.  He received some of those Crayola giant colouring pages as a birthday or Christmas gift, and while we were colouring them, I had a great idea! 

Background: I had previously purchased posters and had them mounted.  I had loved the look then and knew that at some point I would revisit this idea.

The BIG Idea:
Colour the pages in their entirety (son & me), mount the colouring pages ourselves (aka hubby), and create a deep wooden frame (also aka hubby).  Then paint the frames in a matching or coordinating colour to the bedroom!  We mounted the paper using spray glue on thin plywood, and then modge podged the top of the paper.

We had done a double stripe along the base of his room.  Main room colour was yellow, and the stripes were red and blue - we closely colour-matched these actual Lightning McQueen colours.  So we did the frames in the blue and love how it all turned out!!

Big impact for practically nothing!


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