Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween Party Invite

I whipped this up this afternoon and thought it would be great for any Halloween-themed party!

It is a 5x8, so easy to fit in a normal #10 envelope.  Use a silver metallic Sharpie to write in your details.  Then use the 1" round sticker to close your envelope.

Have fun!!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY Gift

You will need:
1 piece of cardstock
small bag
filler (I used toasted coconut)

Place filler in the bag, filling it right to the top.  Cut a square piece of cardstock that is the same width as the bag.  Make it large enough to fold over the top of the bag.

Fold the cardstock in half; decorate both top and bottom of one side.  One side should say what is inside the bag.
Fold the decorated cardstock over the top of the bag and staple shut.  That's it!

 I gave this to a friend for her birthday (she loves coconut and has no luck toasting her own) and she loved it!  She thought I bought it at a specialty food store.  

This would be great for Christmas gifts, teacher gifts, or just anytime gifts! 

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Pan Flute Craft

My son made this cute craft at school.  You will need 8 drinking straws and tape for this craft.  

Simply cut straws into four lengths (two straws per length) and tape together!

Blow gently through the straws to play your pan flute!  Try blowing directly on the straws and then without touching your lips to the straws and see what sounds you can make.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011


My sister got the sweetest little kitten this summer!  She named him Conrad.  My kids just love him; we have been visiting him at Grandpa and Grandma's house quite a lot lately!  In fact, it is no longer their house.  It is "that silly Conrad's house" now.  :) 

My daughter called him Conraq for the longest time until she could finally say Conrad.  So cute!   Here he is:

the stairs are a BIG adventure

when we picked him up

hide and seek time!

Slice and Bake Cookies

I made a double batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies the other day but, because I was in a rush, I did not have time to bake all the dough.  I decided to freeze the extra for almost instant fresh cookies at a later date.  Plus, it saved me from eating it raw... you know how it goes!

First, spread out your wax paper and place several spoonfuls of dough in the middle.

Next, form the dough into a log shape.  This way, you will be able to slice it and bake it!

Wrap the wax paper tightly around the dough, secure with a piece of tape wrapped all around, and label it.  Then freeze for later!

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thrifty Foaming Hand Soap

By accident, I found a way to get my favourite hand wash for pennies instead of dollars!

I bought the regular foaming hand wash pump bottle for $5.99 and it lasted quite a while.  But I have three bathrooms and the kitchen needing hand soap, so I bought a bottle for each.

I also bought the gel hand wash refill bag (maybe $6.99 or $7.99?  I can't remember...) since I couldn't find a refill for the foaming hand wash.  I found out that a 1:1 ratio was way too thick for the foaming pump.  So was a 2:1 ratio (water to soap refill).

Now I just pour in a tiny amount (maybe 6:1 ratio) of the gel hand wash refill and add water to the top.  A gentle shake and I have a new bottle of foaming hand wash!

  gel by itself

I am still on my first bag of the gel refill and it is at least half full.  I regularly refill 3-4 pumps and I expect I have saved at least $50 so far.  Texture and smell of the foaming soap is the same as the original pump.  Plus, I am being green by buying the bag refill instead of all those bottles.

An important note about refills: the refill must be gel, not a cream soap.  I tried this using a creamy B&BW hand wash and the results were nasty!  I actually had to throw out the bottle (well, recycle it) because the soap and water separated and got the pump all clogged up.
Also, it helps if the pumps are all the same scent as the refill.  Then no one will guess it is a thrifty soap DIY!

after water has been added and a gentle shake

Add more or less gel soap as you wish!

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