Monday, August 29, 2011

Noah's Ark Craft

This is such an easy and cute craft for toddlers and younger children.

Print off a picture of an ark.  I made this one when 90 seconds of looking online didn't come up with one I liked.  (Does someone need to sing the Patience Song?  Ha ha!!)  Colour and then cut out.  Parents can help cut if the kids aren't quite at the scissors stage.

Glue onto a dark or stormy colour background.  I had a wonderful blue-grey that was perfect!

Rip tissue paper into long, jagged strips for the waves.  Crunch slightly in your hands and then gently smooth out again for some extra texture.  Using different colours really helps to show depth, so I grabbed bright blue, grey, and black.  Glue starting with the top layer and overlapping as you go.

Place glue dots (use white school glue or hot glue gun, not a gluestick!) in the sky area and attach sequins for the raindrops.  Chalk dots would also look great!

Viola!  Noah's ark in the stormy waves! :)

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Buttons in a cup mama said...

Really sweet !

very merry vintage style said...

Cute project! Thanks for linking this post up to Share the Love Wednesday!

Marie said...

What a fun activity to do with kids! I hope you come link up with us at Show & Share!


Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Cute--I am bookmarking this for next month when we do Noah at preschool. Thanks for sharing at Beyond the Picket Fence.

Lindsay said...

Thank you for sharing this at Show & Share! It really is such a fun, creative project!

By the way, I have a fun giveaway going on now, check it out if you'd like--

Unknown said...

This looks like a fun teaching activity for little ones!! Thanks for sharing on Fancy This Fridays!!

Janelle said...

What a fun and educational project to do with kids! Visiting from Someday Crafts.

If you have time, I would love for you to join my first giveaway:

Hope to see you there!

Of Pinks and Fairy Tales

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