Tuesday, December 21, 2010

DIY Baking Mix Gift

Here is a super cute, last minute gift that you can make yourself with supplies you likely have in your pantry and gift wrapping room. (What? No gift wrapping room? Me neither. Next house, I guess!)

What you need:

Dry ingredients
Cellophane bags (I used cone-shaped)

Curling ribbon

Card stock

Gift bag

Tissue paper


1. Find a favourite recipe, mix dry ingredients, and pour into cellophane bag. Use a twist tie to close bag tightly. Use lots of curling ribbon!

2. Type out baking instructions and print on card stock.

3. Attach recipe to curling ribbon. Ta-da! Great gift for all!
4. Optional: place in gift bag and cover with tissue paper. Good idea for those traveling so nothing in the car pierces the bag!

My recipe is my go-to favourite shortbread recipe from here. I printed four recipes to one sheet of card stock. Practically zero cost, very thoughtful, and definitely something the receiver will enjoy!

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