Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gumball Necklaces

Darning needle
Thread (if desired)
Lighter or lit candle
Gumballs (I used 10 per necklace)
Metal skewer

1. Using the metal skewer, gently poke a hole into the gumball.  Once the skewer is through, lightly press it into the other side to make a faint indentation mark on the outside.  Remove skewer, turn gumball over and you should be able to see the indentation mark you made.  This is where you want to make the second hole.  Once you have made the second hole, your gumball should look like a bead.  Repeat for all gumballs.

2. Cut your ribbon to desired lengths.  I used two pieces (for necklace length) about 16" each.  I also cut several 4" pieces to tie in between each gumball.  Heat seal all ends using your lit candle or lighter.

3. Thread the needle.  Make sure it is doubled for strength.  Tie off the ends into a double knot.  Sew the thread several times to the end of one of your LONG pieces.  You can fold the end of the ribbon into an accordion and sew through it if you want it extra strong.  Now thread all the gumballs.  Don't tie off the thread.

4. Tie and knot a SHORT ribbon length in between each gumball.  Now you are going to sew the other LONG ribbon piece on, following the instructions above.  Finally, tie a SHORT piece where the LONG ribbons meet the gumballs.  

All done!  Wrap up in a jewelry box or organza bag for gift giving.  These would be great favours for a birthday party.  Enjoy!

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Selina@CreativeJuicesDecor said...

That is so cute! I wonder if a 4 year old party is old enough to have these? Love it! Found you through Along For The Ride! I just started my own blog in September - pretty fun :-)

glamourpuss said...

Selina, I guess it would depend if the 4 yr olds are gum chewers and what size gumballs you use. The ones I made were for older children (although they thought the necklaces were so cute they decided not to eat the gumballs haha!) and the gumballs were 3/4" - 1" diameter. Hope that helps!!

iram said...

oh these are adorable :) love the idea

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