Friday, August 26, 2011

How to Use a Mortar & Pestle

One of my favourite kitchen tools is my mortar & pestle.  You can use it to crush nuts, herbs, cookies, etc., into large chunks or small bits.  I especially like using it for crushing rosemary in the fall.

The mortar is the bowl and the pestle is the crushing implement.  Depending on what brand you purchase, your pestle may look like a small club or baseball bat.

Here is my easy step-by-step:

First, place your ingredient in the middle of the bowl.

Press down into the middle of the bowl to break up large ingredients.  For small ingredients like herbs or nuts, press down several times all over.  (This Oreo has been pressed one time.)

Determine your desired size and crush again as needed.  The Oreo cookie only took 2 or 3 gentle crushes to get it to this point.  If I crushed it any more, it would be crumbs.  For herbs, I like to run the pestle around the bowl, pressing it down hard. 
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