Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Bites

This is a cute alternative to popsicles!

In your ice cube tray, fill partially with one flavour of yogurt (I used both vanilla and strawberry flavours).  Freeze for 30 minutes or until barely set.

Fill to the top with second yogurt flavour and freeze until firm.  I added a third layer (vanilla - layer 1; strawberry - layer 2; vanilla - layer 3) as well.  

When yogurt is partially firm, but not stiff, you can insert a stick if desired.  I meant to use lollipop sticks but didn't remember until they were totally frozen.  They worked great as mini bites!  

Try dessert-flavoured yogurt for truffled-inspired bites!

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Anonymous said...

Do they melt pretty fast? Could you pack them in a lunch that isn't refrigerated?

glamourpuss said...

It's best to eat within a few minutes of removing from freezer!

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