Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Homespun Style Ornaments

Welcome to Day 4 of Creating Christmas!  

 Creating Christmas at The Girl Creative

At our home, the main tree is finally almost done!  Yay!  And it smells so good!  I love the Christmas tree smell; it just makes me want to curl up in a big chair with a hot tea and a good book with only the tree lights on.  

We can't finish our tree for another day or two...  Is it just me, or do the ornament hooks disappear every. single. year.?  I even had the bag out to do two trees, then we were doing one additional tree, and off they went.  (I had two brand new boxes of hooks in addition to all the other hooks in the bag.)  Hubby had to go out to Walmart to get more, but they were sold out.  So he went out again the next day to a different store and got me two boxes.  They're all used up and I have another 30 ornaments or so left to hang...  Gotta find those missing hooks!  Ahhh!

Each one of our trees has a different theme and colour scheme.  My daughter has her pink glam tree, my son has a vintage toy inspired tree, the upstairs tree is gold and natural elements, and the main {real} tree is almost always red with metallics.  I thought I would focus my new-found ornament skills on my son's tree.  It has all the wooden ornaments from my childhood tree on it like rocking horses, nutcrackers, and angels, as well as some miscellaneous things like s'mores ornaments, Starbucks mittens (from gift cards) and hot rod car ornaments.  It's really cute, but I wanted something else to add to it.  So here is what I did...


buttons (if desired)
hot glue gun
styrofoam ball


Begin by gluing a tiny length of yarn onto the styrofoam ball.  Begin to make a tight circle of yarn, gluing as you go.  

Keep wrapping and gluing, wrapping and gluing.  When you are almost done, cut a separate length of yarn about 8 inches long and glue both ends together to the ball.  This will become the hook for the ornament. (Alternately, once finished, just loop a length and glue it down.  Trim the end off.)

Finish wrapping and gluing.  

Glue buttons on the yarn if you would like.  My buttons are actually vintage buttons from my grandmother's button box. 

You can also wrap the yarn in different patterns, just be aware that the time will increase depending on the complexity of your pattern.  I made one with different sizes of circles and it took me about 3 times as long to cover the whole ball.

I also made one that resembles a ball of yarn.  I just wrapped the yarn in various directions all over the styrofoam ball, making sure that no white spots were showing.  Then I tied several loose pieces around the outside in order to have little yarn ends poking out here and there.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! I am always amazed at how styrofoam and yarn can create such cute things together :)

Lauren said...

I love this! Much less time than actually crocheting one. :)

I'd love for you to link up and share:

Mimi said...

Simple and fun.

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