Monday, December 5, 2011

Old Christmas Decor in New Ways

It is Day 2 of Creating Christmas!

 Creating Christmas at The Girl Creative

This Christmas I am aiming to reuse the decorations that I have in ways I have never used them (or at least, not recently).  Here are some samples of things I made today...
A tealight holder became an modern-style ornament display for a windowsill.

When I decorate for Christmas, I sometimes reuse currently displayed vases or jars which means I have to store everything that is normally in the container.  I had dumped out a vase of red glass stones to be used for Christmas balls instead.  I was planning to store the glass stones until January but hey, they're red and it's Christmas!  I tried them in a couple of places, didn't like them, and into a jar they went. 

I pulled out my sleigh (that was filled with silver bead garland from the year before) and emptied it out.  I thought about filling it with some wrapped stocking stuffers, but I did that a couple of years ago.  So I left the sleigh and went back to the beads.

I thought the beads and glass stones might look cute so I grabbed an empty vase and started stringing the beads in.  I added a couple of stones every once in while. A sparkly red glitter Christmas ball went on top.  It's cute!  I am not sure where it is going to go yet, but I think it's a keeper!  Just something a little different.

Then the sleigh came back out and I saw some beaded stars that my daughter had unwrapped right next to the beaded fruits.  In went one apple, one pear, one cluster of grapes, and two stars.  I had one star left so it got hung on the side of the sleigh.


I placed the sleigh on a half wall and wanted a little something extra with it so I found some metallic XL tulle (leftovers from here) and some bits of raffia for a base.  Three gold mini balls in matte, shiny, and glitter were the finishing touch.  I think this is my most favourite way I have ever used the sleigh!

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Colleen said...

Super cute ideas. I like how Jasmine inspired you!

Emily said...

I've been looking at my old xmas decor for new ideas too, thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Love everything! Your newest follower! Please come link up today at!!

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