Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Orange Ambition

Hopefully this fabric will soon be a pettiskirt as seen here. This should be interesting, particularly since I don't know how to sew. Finally figured out how to thread my bobbin, thanks to youtube and the super junky instruction manual. Is it just me, or do you judge companies by their manuals? This company gets two thumbs and eight fingers down from me. The manual is sooo hard to follow simply because I can't interpret their version of the English language.

So far I have sewn a few of the largest strips together, but my machine went wonky and just about earned itself a boot out the window. Since I was feeling generous, I decided to give it another chance. Not that it has earned it. AT ALL.

However, I feel like I should name my sewing machine. Maybe I would like it more then. Hmm, maybe then it would work for me. Kinda doubtful on this one. The working for me part, not the naming part.

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