Monday, February 15, 2010

Glam Nursery Part 1: Inspiration

It's a little late, but here we go! We found out that we were having a girl, so my brain went immediately to princess and bling and ruffles and more bling. I knew I was going to use pink but wasn't feeling inspired with the brown that I found it most often paired with, and I wasn't going to do a bright pink.

I had received these vintage-inspired notecards for Christmas and I just adored them.

So I began to search online for nurseries and bedding ideas that were light pink, black, and ivory. The only problem was there was nothing (at all!) in those colours! I found pink and black. Pink and white. White and black. Ivory all by itself. Not good for me, someone who gets a very particular idea in her head and wants everything to appear perfectly right down to the tiniest detail. OCD much? Not at all!

I decided to get my craft on! I went to the fabric store and found some menswear-inspired ivory cotton sateen fabric, and I bought enough to do the floor-length cribskirt and bumper. It was stretch, but I loved it and my mom sewed it for me. (She gave me a sewing machine last last Christmas, but I have been too intimidated to even take it out of the box. Pathetic, I know.)

I found a change table I sort-of liked, so I designed a similar but completely different one that my hubby built out of MDF. I needed shelving in it for storing the baskets I bought since we were not going to put a dresser of any sort in the room while the change table was in there.

My goal was to get the whole room done before baby arrived...

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