Friday, April 16, 2010

DIY: Easy Peasy Toddler Glam

I was out earlier this week and found this cute little tiered ruffly t-shirt combo for my daughter. I brought them home and thought I would glam them up a bit. I am on a roll here - I blinged up her new denim jacket a couple days ago. I heart Swarovski crystals! And I have plans to be-ribbon my own toddler spring coat that my mother made me when I was her age! (It's pink and has duck buttons. The pink is staying but the ducks are going buh-bye!) Anyway, here is the before! I wanted something different than ribbon and crystals, so I decided to go with beads and accessories. I had some peachy-pink bicone beads that were a perfect tone match so I sewed them with a double thread around each wrist. It was easy to stay in a perfect line - I just followed the seam! Cheating? Maybe, but it worked! Then I made a cute lil bracelet with the same bicones, some oval pearls in a creamy ivory, and pink seed beads. (Made myself a matching one, too! Can't do the mother-daughter matching jewelry thing for too long so take advantage while you can! Ha!) I loved how the beads matched - so cute! - and the bracelet will easily go with other things in her closet. Plus, I made it a tiny bit too big so she can wear it for awhile before she outgrows it. And last but not least, a hairbow! Inch and a half white grosgrain with sheer peach, knotted centre, and finished with mini Swarovski crystals. (Had to get those in somewhere. Wonder if there is a 12-step program I can join?) The bow is about 4 inches in diameter. Note to self: need to increase bow storage space. Here is the entire ensemble! She looked so adorable in it! (But I forgot to get her pic when she was wearing it! :( Guess I am gonna have to start carrying the camera in the diaper bag again.)

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