Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quick "Pizza" Appetizer

I needed to make a quick appetizer the other night for our movie night (or, as my son says, nuuuewvie night) and there was not much in the fridge that was inspiring me. I saw some cream cheese and that got me thinking. So I grabbed a few odds and ends and this is what came out! I laid out 3 small wheat tortillas and spread them with cream cheese. If your cream cheese is firm from the fridge, pop it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds at a time until softened. I also like to stir it in between microwave visits! I used the back of a spoon to spread the cream cheese on the tortillas, which helped it go very quickly. Then I used up a partial jar of antipasto - mine was a Wildly Delicious one and it was super yum! Since I was using up the rest of the jar, I was very generous with the antipasto. I would generally not use quite that much. Out came the pizza cutter - I cut 6 slices per tortilla (ended up with 18 pieces) and sprinkled some chopped fresh herbs on top. If you are not sure what herb to use, check the ingredient list on the antipasto jar for ideas. You could always go with something universally tasty like parsley in a pinch. So there you have it! Five minutes (well, maybe six with the herb chopping!) to a tasty and healthy appetizer. :)

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