Monday, September 6, 2010

Two Eggs and a Penny

So sorry for the lack of posts recently. My laptop (which is was where I did all my work and blog posts) got stolen and I have been in mourning for the last two weeks. I loved my laptop sooo much. It was a MacBook Pro, and until I got it, I was an Apple virgin. Now I can't imagine using anything else. (No, Apple is not paying me to say this!)

So needless to say, I have felt completely backwards without it. Right now I am typing this on our old dinosaur computer whose main function is to play opera all night long for the kids. (We particularly like Andrea Boccelli, Sarah Brightman, and Josh Groban. Anyway.)

I was so excited to get my Little Pretties Luxe etsy shop up and running, but my laptop had all my pictures on it. So now I have to reshoot all 100+ items. Big fat bummer. Plus I had a ton of DIYs almost ready to go, so I feel like I am starting from scratch. Blah.

And onto happier subjects... I was making scrambled eggs the other morning and just had to so you all a picture of the giant eggs I had. I know someone who works on a chicken farm (egg farm?) and they give me a bunch of the eggs that are too big for general sale. Almost all of the giant eggs are double-yolkers. Macho eggs.

So here we are from left to right:
the giant egg a store bought egg in "large" a penny for comparison

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