Thursday, January 28, 2010

If God Collects Each of Our Tears, He Must Have Pools of Mine

I am such a cryer. I cry at movies. I cry at TV. I even cry at commercials, for crying out loud. I don't know when this happened. I remember teasing my grandpa because he was always crying at movies - he was such a softie! Now I am just like that but even worse. I miss him...

The commercial that gets me the most is the A&W one. I know. You're thinking, are you serious? A hamburger commercial? You crazy woman. Yep, the hamburger commercial gets me bawling like a baby. And that's why - a baby. Have you ever seen it? There are four people getting food - a husband and wife with their son and his wife. The husband orders a Papa burger for himself, a Mama burger for his wife, and two Teen burgers for the young marrieds. The son sneaks in another burger on tray. They all sit down, and the son starts handing out the burgers. The older man is given the Grandpa burger and starts to give it back to the son. Incredulous looks fly between the two couples and between father and son, and then everyone starts crying because the grandparents to be now know that the younger couple is expecting. Gets me every time. Geeeeezzzzz!!

Course, now I am watching Top Gun and am crying because Goose just died. Now I gotta go find my kleenex before my computer gets wet. Grrrreat.

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