Thursday, January 21, 2010

wishing and hoping

for SPRING!! I am sooo ready for the smells of spring. Winter smells so dirty cold. I want to smell flowers and rain and even dirt. Sorry, soil, as my mother tells me every single time I talk about it.

I am waiting for my timer to beep - chocolate cake coming right up! Actually, I am going to test-drive a super fab recipe I found at bakerella - her cake pops are amazing!! Are these not the most adorable things you've wanted to eat?! Hopefully mine will look as wonderful as hers! Not that the kindergarten kids who get them will mind if they are slightly crooked, unless of course my son gets one of those ones. Takes after his mother, that one. Yeah, you sow a little and you reap a little.

Gotta go. Bwoo's Cwoo's is on.

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