Sunday, August 15, 2010

DIY: Glam Card Box

Supplies: 1 large card box (available at party/craft stores)
mini sticky gems (available at dollar stores or craft stores)
lighter or lit candle
glue gun


1. Assemble card box according to instructions. Alternately, use your own box (just cover in wrapping paper and cut a large slit in the top).

2. Determine ribbon location. I wrapped my ribbon around the box and cut with an extra inch in length. I then heat-sealed the edges (with a lighter) and began on a side edge, adding a tiny bit on glue on each box corner. Repeat for each length of ribbon. I added bows to each ribbon stripe by making a loop and gluing together. (Sorry, forgot pics of this!) You should be left with a ribbon that looks like the number 8 when looking at it sideways. Then cut a short piece to wrap around the centre of the "8", and glue to ribbon stripes.

3. For the top, lay your ribbon out and cut exact length needed. Seal your ribbon edges, and glue ribbon around box opening. I added bows here too.

4. Affix the sticky gems to box. I used up one colour of sticky gems before I moved onto the next colour to ensure each side of the box got an equal amount. I also added some to the centres of the bows.

5. Admire and sighhhh at your chic box!

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