Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Music Note Cake Pops

My son's school had a music night a while back and I volunteered to bring something for the food portion of the evening. Of course, I can't do something that someone else may bring. I have to be unique - maybe this is the Type A in me?

Anyway, so I made cake pops (thanks to
Bakerella for inspiration!) but not in the conventional way. I baked a vanilla cake mix that I tinted Tiffany blue (I was testing the colour for another cake - more on that one later...) and then smashed it all up. Add in some cream cheese frosting and we're ready to go.

I rolled the mix into small balls and inserted a stick into each one. After dipping each one in melted chocolate, I set them upside down on parchment paper with the stick up in the air. Some sprinkles and such were added, and then I piped some royal icing around each stick for extra stability.

The next morning, I flipped the cake pops over and stuck them in my styrofoam board. I piped a dark chocolate ganache circle onto the base (now the top) of each cake pop. While the ganache was still setting, I gently laid the music notes on top. (It is possible that I broke almost as many music notes as I used. No telling though. Those are super duper fragile little things!!)

Needless to say, they ended up being used at the fundraiser table instead of the food table, and not one was left. I didn't even get one. :( Oh well, maybe next time.

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