Monday, February 15, 2010

Glam Nursery Part 3

So far we have:
- crib
- bedding
- change table
- curtains
- paint

Still wanted
- side table
- rocking chair
- wall art
- lighting
- finials
- display space
- lamp

1. Side Table
This is kind of funny because the side table is the most expensive thing in the room. But I already had everything for it (except the ribbon for the lamp) so it was also the least expensive. I will have to do a DIY post on the table, but the Reader's Digest version is this: shop your closet, your kitchen, your guest room and ta-da! Side table done. (Confused? You won't be after I do the DIY post!)

2. Rocking Chair
This was becoming a pain in the bum and neck for me, almost literally. For our son, we had an antique rocking chair that hurt just about everywhere, plus whenever you rocked back, you almost fell off of it. Backwards! Not good. And definitely not happening again. So we tried out rocking chairs everywhere, all the time. I wanted something dainty, not chunky. It couldn't be big because the room is small. I was open to fabric but could not find anything I liked. I considered reupholstering a new chair, but let's face it... the sewing machine was still in its box. One night on the way home, I decided to drive home another way and went past a furniture store that was having a "parking lot sale". And there was my white rocking chair!! Amazing close out deal for about 90% off: a whopping $19!!! Yay! The rest is history.

3. Wall Art
I found some vintage looking artwork of glam evening dresses but they were super small. So I printed a double border twice in black and pink around it to make them fit the frames. Plus, it now looks like it has four or five mattes which is cool.

4. Lighting
We go to Home Depot a lot. My hubby is there several times a week for work-related reasons, and we all tag along sometimes on Saturdays or in the evenings. Plus, the giant car carts are fun - the kids love to steer while I push them around. I usually take the kids to the lighting, outdoor, and plant sections while hubby finds his toys. Long story short: I had drooled over seen the chandelier several times and finally convinced my hubs that we absolutely positively must have it for the baby's room. What is super cool is that since we installed it, I have seen it featured on HGTV and in magazines! I am so glad I started the trend!! lol

5. Finials
After the chandelier was a go, I wanted some other super fab bling in the room. I remember growing up in an old home (built in the early 1900's) that had crystal doorknobs. I found some finials that reminded me of those old doorknobs and it ended up being a match made in heaven! Of course, they didn't fit the curtain rod so my fab hubby put a wooden dowel inside the curtain rod and carved it down so the finial would fit, and now it looks perfectly seamless! Plus I love how they catch the light!

6. Display Space
We had some available wall space above the changing table so I was looking for some shelving that had a crown molding look to it. I kept flipping back and forth between black and ivory, but went with the black at the end. Glad I did! I love black in decor! I think every room needs a shot of it somewhere. I found a great package with the four different sizes of shelves, laid them out on the floor and wonderful hubs installed them while I directed helped. Now I just have to fill the rest of the frames and arranged all the little pretties on them. The tea cup and saucer set was mine when I was little! I did a little DIY on the birds here.

7. Lamp
And now for my biggest annoyance of this nursery. The lamp. I got this lamp when I was a teenager and it was a perfect match for my room at the time. I decided to spray paint it black and had the lamp shade (just added the black satin ribbon to it - hello glue gun!) already in ivory. I was not happy with the effect of the black spray paint; it didn't have enough weight to it. I got the idea to add the ribbon - and 25 yards of ribbon weaving later, I am still not done and it is NOT on the short list of things to finish. Maybe before the summer. The weaving started alright but it is really hard to keep it tight now that the base is getting smaller. The ribbon keeps falling down (which is why I have attached binder clips to keep it up); I tried turning the base upside down, but it doesn't help at all. I am definitely open to suggestions here!!

I also had a feather-trimmed satin pillow on the rocking chair, but that space is now claimed by a giant ivory she-lamb. Guess a girl's gotta rest on the chair when the floor just won't do!

We got the room about 90% done before the baby arrived, and about 98% done before she moved into it from our room.

Oh yes! We added the netting (from my sister's old room) but it was glaringly white. My fix? Stick it in a coffee bath for two days! It didn't dye it brown or anything, but now it's not shocking white. 

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micah said...

Love that chandelier!!!

Noble Vintage said...

It's looking very pretty and girlie! thanks for sharing this at Transformations and Treasures!

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