Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY Gift

You will need:
1 piece of cardstock
small bag
filler (I used toasted coconut)

Place filler in the bag, filling it right to the top.  Cut a square piece of cardstock that is the same width as the bag.  Make it large enough to fold over the top of the bag.

Fold the cardstock in half; decorate both top and bottom of one side.  One side should say what is inside the bag.
Fold the decorated cardstock over the top of the bag and staple shut.  That's it!

 I gave this to a friend for her birthday (she loves coconut and has no luck toasting her own) and she loved it!  She thought I bought it at a specialty food store.  

This would be great for Christmas gifts, teacher gifts, or just anytime gifts! 

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FeltByRae said...

Cool idea - my sis and her hubbie are total foodies, so, pinching your idea, now I can get bits and pieces and make them look really nice as gifts... love it!

Unknown said...

I made a similar gift for party favors at my birthday. check it out here:

Ellen said...

would be awesome for parties also.
Happy Fall

justrite oily waste can said...

By this way you can save so many foods in life long. But most vital thing is, It must have to pack after fully dried, otherwise there are cases to be waste.

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